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User Info It's Operating As Designed (ROFL!); entered at 2018-01-04 12:29:48
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The problem is that this isn't going to work out for the so-called "industry" very well because that 20% hit exceeds the "savings" most places recognized by doing it in the first place.

Except for production stuff that's always running and has a need for autoscale, I don't think ANYONE actually saves money.

I'm getting pressured to retire internal ESXi servers that are paid for and move to Azure.

Every place I've worked that uses Azure/AWS extensively puts in huge custom apps designed to auto-manage when servers are on and how many a user can have, simply to keep costs from exploding.

Of course Amazon and AWS don't have this built-in because it would hurt their bottom line too much.
2018-01-04 12:29:48