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User Info Oh Fer Chrissake, Get Over Yourselves; entered at 2018-01-04 09:40:58
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Registered: 2010-07-06
I recently took an opiod for the first time in 62 years. I was recovering from surgery and was prescribed something called Hydrocodone for 3 days, then Motrin and Tylenol afterwards.

The opiod stopped the pain and gave a definite " life is good, all is well" feeling. I remember thinking that a lot of people would want to feel like this all the time. I can now see why this crap is a problem.

Mood altering drugs are a win/win if you want set yourself up as a dictator. Create horrible conditions that make people seek oblivion, profit from the sale of drugs that give oblivion, arrest those you want to arrest for illegal drug use. Such a deal. If you control the illegal drug trade you can get people hooked on opiods and offer heroin as a replacement.

In my case I took about half the prescribed dose and flushed the rest.
2018-01-04 09:40:58