Oh Fer Chrissake, Get Over Yourselves
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2018-01-03 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Oh Fer Chrissake, Get Over Yourselves
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Faux Snooz -- meh meh meh meh meh....

Outrage continues to mount two days after CNN put the “J” in journalism with a marijuana-themed New Year’s Eve segment that some are already using as an excuse to smoke the Hippie Lettuce in states where it’s not currently legal.

Wow, man, people put a buzz on during New Years' Eve?

I'll see your bong hit and raise it two Bloody Mary's and a passel of beers plus a straight-up shot right near midnight, none of which was consumed in a fashion that put my over the legal limit to drive and the last of which was done right in my own home -- with my now-21 year old daughter, who also had one.

Happy ****ing New Year.

There's way more "stoning" in that than a couple of hits off a bong.

Yeah, one is legal and other isn't in Florida.  Well, gee, I decided to consume the legal one.  {{Big shock}}

Let's cut the stupid eh?  How much beer would be sold if it were all O'Douls -- by law?  How many "mocktails" are sold today compared against cocktails?  How many bars would exist if they were all "mocktails" -- by law?

There's nothing preventing anyone from ordering the O'Douls -- or the mocktail.  The latter, at least, is cheaper than the cocktail too, because there's no expensive (and taxed) liquor in it.  So why aren't they the run-away winner given that and the lack of any sort of negative problems (you know, like getting so drunk you puke?)

People buy drinks because they get a buzz, that's why.

So yeah, the #Twattersphere was all full of outrage, but spare me the horsecrap -- or send some more to our Treasury Secretary.  After all that managed to draw the bomb squad -- for a box full of horsecrap.  I'm impressed that the smell wasn't enough to give it away.

What I'm not impressed by is a plant that requires no refining to use and has no known LD-50 (that is, you can't overdose on it and die), has myriad ways of consumption that have few or no health risks, is therapeutic for a whole host of OTC-style maladies (such as migrane headaches) along with a decent number of serious conditions (like improving appetite in cancer patients) and yet we think people should go to prison for owning and consuming it.

Never mind that the comparison drug, alcohol, which is legal, kills tens of thousands a year -- both directly and indirectly.

Yeah, cry me a ****ing river, and while you're at it take Jeff Sessions and depose him to North Korea, where his infantile obsession with marijuana fits right in with the sort of autocratic crap that their government runs.

Oh wait, Trump hasn't fired him yet, and Sessions hasn't arrested anyone for stealing somewhere around $3 trillion a year via the medical scam yet either.  Yeah, they both have their priorities straight.... not.

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