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User Info The Impossible Mismatch; entered at 2018-01-01 19:20:43
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Registered: 2017-06-26
"It [the depression] doesn't last long".

Radically changing or eliminating the health-care racket may or may not cause a "depression", but, if it does, I wouldn't count on the duration lasting only a few months. You might be right, Karl, and it might not last too long; that is, if you were in charge, I'd have a little more faith, then. But you're not. Trump is. So I have zero faith.

When the house of cards (a skyscraper in this case, think: Trump Tower) comes down (for whatever reason) the economic "depression" is likely to be long and painful. The reason why is because when one racket fails many others are likely to follow. In other words, one system (e.g., healthcare) fails and it pulls down other rackets which are seemingly, completely unrelated. For example, the hospitality industry ( another racket), auto industry and real estate markets would all suffer massive losses if the health-care racket collapses. And what about the education racket? That, too, would suffer in a depression brought on by the end of any number of other rackets, including the healthcare racket.

We are living in an age of "too big to fail" and too big not to fail. This is probably all going to end by looking something like a bank run. The banking system works until it becomes too "stressed" and the banking runs take over. After that point is reached the only hope is for the government to step in and declare a banking holiday in order to save the banking racket. And that's probably what will happen when the too-big-to-fail healthcare system finally stops working altogether. And if the US government fails to declare a healthcare holiday and come up with a painful fix, then, at that point, it is entirely conceivable that the entire country (and every racket from sea to shining sea) could spend a decade or more "recovering"...

And,frankly, SSI and all the rest of the so called "entitlements" are nothing more than rackets of and by themselves. Marxist rackets conceived by Marxist thinkers. But that's another discussion.

2018-01-01 19:20:43