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User Info The Impossible Mismatch; entered at 2018-01-01 19:10:46
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I grew up in Appalachia. One of the interesting things about the medical industry today is that doctors in underserved areas make more than those in cities. I think that the doctors in the under-served areas make a lot on volume; if you are not in danger, they do not care to see you.

I remember being told about fevers. Basically, the doctor said, "If it is below 103 degrees, take a day off work and sleep it off. If it is above that, turn up at the emergency room, and I will come figure out what to do." There was an understanding that the fever was there to fight the infection, and if it was too high, it was understood to be an emergency.

Now, everyone goes to the doctor if they sweat too much.
2018-01-01 19:10:46