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User Info The Impossible Mismatch; entered at 2018-01-01 12:40:26
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Politicians always lump "Social Security" and "Medicare" in together when talking about "entitlements" but this is an intentional fraud run upon you and when they do so you should either insist they cut that crap outor force them office whether peacefully or piecefully,asthere is no Social Security problem.

More often than not I'm seeing Social Security referred to as an entitlement program around the web. Entitlement program? Well s*** my britches. Since when did extortion become an entitlement ?
Where the **** in the Constitution does it say that I'm suppose to make the Government a 40-50 year interest free loan?
If it's an entitlement program might I offer up a solution to relieve the government of any further liability.
Here are the requirements!
I want the loan that I have been so gracious in extending to the grossly negligible and fiscally irresponsible entity known as the general fund re-payed in full immediately.
Moreover I want the same accrued compound interest that is required by the IRS when you owe them money applied to said loan.
Until these requirements have been satisfied they can STFU and GTFO.

2018-01-01 12:40:26