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Rollformer - Unless I am misreading your above comment, how can you conclude "Mandatory vaccinations against deadly diseases should be mandatory."?

By no means am I against vaccinations, but it should be a well informed parents who get to make the choice for their children and well informed adults who get to choose for themselves.

You just said that 100-150 deaths per 4,000,000 annual infections took place, well that makes chicken pox a deadly disease. Does that mean the state has the right to force my child to be vaccinated? What about the flu? People die every year because of the flu.

I have heard the "Herd" argument for children getting vaccinated, the argument basically states that ALL children should be vaccinated to insure the disease is not spread to other children, but isn't that an oxymoron?

If I felt a vaccine would keep my child safe from a deadly disease and had them vaccinated, why should I be concerned someone else choose not to get their child vaccinate? If their child gets sick, mine should in theory be safe. so the whole Herd Vaccination is based off a lie.

I very much believe vaccinations have a place but not forced vaccinations.

If you can come up with a good argument why the government should have more rights to what is put into my children than I do, I am interested in hearing it though.

2017-12-31 22:27:51