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Best wishes for the new year to everyone,

what I have learned this year is how much room I still had for improvement.

Start of 2017: not really overweight but not my optimum shape either, I am 5' 2 so for me 110 lbs is about right, so I am carrying around a gallon of milk that I don't need... running with that is not even the best idea (knees). I walk/run 7 miles 4 times a week, plus I have a part time job (40 hours a week) where I walk a lot.

2017 changes: vigilantly eliminated ALL processed foods. No carbs aside from fruits and vegetables. No pasta, no rice, no breads -except Ezekiel- At least 5 cups of greens a day (kale, salads and mostly cruciferous). Some meat (grass fed mostly) no more than 250 g daily and eggs. No sodas, no sugar. Grass fed butter, full fat plain yogurt, various cheeses. I still eat vegetable soups with beans and lentils. Most importantly I added one day of intermittent fasting - for about 18 hours (planning to do better in 2018). Other days I limit eating to 3 times a day maximum -no snacking. In 2018 I will try to set the 3 meals within a 6 hour window (ie limiting insulin spikes and hopefully allowing more autophagy. I will try to transition to 2 meals a day only, no more than 6 hours apart. Oh, and I virtually don't drink alcohol.
Results from 2017 "experiment": I am feeling better than ever. The 7 miles walk-run flies by. I am 110 to 112 lbs. My skin and my gums look a lot better. My resting heart rate is 50 or below. I am over 60.

What I need to improve in 2018: more high intensity exercise (ie intervals of running at max. speed, rather than "jogging" and I need to monitor my recovery times. More yoga, continue my ballet bar routine (same as I used to do as a kid). Strength building work outs (pull ups push ups ,etc...). I am not planning to spend one minute in a gym, rather I will do all of the above outside, regardless of weather conditions.
Most importantly: monitor my sleep time and bring it to 8 hours a day...

I also plan to spend most of my time outdoor, hiking in altitude etc... by 2019. It will be interesting to see what my backpacking food looks like, what I have seen backpackers eat is a total nightmare. May be I can come up with easy and healthy solutions for everybody to use.

2017-12-31 18:55:51