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The mesothelioma thing is interesting. I've done some more research. Found an interesting article from "The Atlantic" from 2000 (not exactly a bastion of irrationalism).

Apparently the virus is quite common in mesothelioma cases, and 20% of mesothelioma cases present with no exposure to asbestos. So keep rational here, and understand that even if all 20% of those cases were caused by the SV40 virus, we are talking about hundreds of cases per year where tens of millions were affected. I would imagine quality control has improved.

This did get me thinking about the chicken pox vaccine. I don't know the side effect profile of the vaccine, but I was able to find some statistics on this particular deadly scourge. It appears from CDC data ( that in the early 1990s, prior to the anti-itch injection, 4,000,000 children were infected annually, and 100 - 150 would die.

So I did some math. Current pricing for the chicken pox vaccine is about $122.02, again CDC data. It appears that each dose costs about $122.02 (the difference between standard MMR and MMR+CP is in line with this). For the sake of argument, I assume every child gets the pox (if you follow the first link, it is nearly true). So each year, we vaccinate 4 million people twice at a cost of $122 per (I am excluding the doctor bill for the visit). So each year, we spend roughly $976 million to prevent 150 deaths per year. So now, we know that the value of a child's life is $6.5 million.

Admittedly, $244 is not a lot of money, but in light of a disease that primarily causes some discomfort, perhaps it should not be mandatory?

The traditional vaccines are justified. Mandatory vaccinations against deadly diseases should be mandatory.

However, given the growing stupidity of the population, I am starting to think that the tetanus (lockjaw) vaccine should be outlawed. </sarc>
2017-12-31 17:23:24