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Even if you aren't overweight, it is prudent to look at your family history if it is available to see what you want to try to avoid. I've never been obese, and was only overweight years ago when I took SSRIs; I'm a "healthy" weight and don't have a "stomach.". I get plenty of exercise. But my father and brother are both diabetics on insulin.

So, per Karl's advice, I took an A1c test - it was 5.7. I'm sure that being vegan (all whole foods) for many years did not help. So I went to very low carb vegetarian (full fat dairy intake is associated with avoiding diabetes). Got down to 5.2. But that didn't last; I tried adding legumes, went back to 5.7, and was unable to get my A1c down again once I quit eating legumes.

So now I'm doing very low carb vegetarian with intermittent fasting. I bought a meter (also something Karl suggested), and have discovered some unpleasant things about my blood sugar. It doesn't go up horribly after my low carb meals. But the other day I had a big salad, some cabbage/soysauge stew, a inch square of 73 percent cocao chocolate (I don't even like chocolate, but it's supposed to be good for preventing diabetes) and a cup of pasta (the pasta was a sort of test; I don't eat it normally). I was stuffed. None of these things, individually, even a cup of pasta, do anything horrible to my blood sugar. But combined, they caused it to go to 159, where it sat for 5+ hours. My mouth was dry and I felt really sick.

So, I've always liked to eat big meals, and wait again until I was really hungry to eat again. I think I may be sensitive to meal size (the "Chinese restaurant meal" effect, where stuffing your stomach can raise your blood sugar even if it's just by eating a head of lettuce, per Dr. Bernstein). So, I'll avoid that. But there is no way I would have been able to guess this without a meter. You really do need to get a meter to see what is going on.

As a side note, I have started googling "vegan diet causes diabetes." It is insidious. All that it pulls up is the pro-vegan propaganda. I was vegan for 19 years, but I never thought it was an especially healthy thing to do (that wasn't my motive), and now I think that for many people it can be a disaster. I am guessing that the "success" these diet sometimes have in lowing blood glucose is due to their restricting calories and thereby causing weight loss (which is not going to last; weight lost that way comes back). I would bet a great deal that a vegan diet that is not calorie restricted would not help at all.
2017-12-31 16:43:59