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When Karl starting posting on carbs I thought he was full of crap. The wake-up happened in 2015 when an old college buddy bluntly said I was getting chunky and my dad (a retired PE teacher) was voicing concerns about my weight. I was gaining, but my dietary habits handn't changed. Looking in the mirror, I couldn't live with all the lard I was carrying around, so with nothing to lose-- especially as dieting had never worked for me-- I decided to give HFLCMP a try.

My glucose numbers pegged me at pre-diabetes: anywhere from 90-145 fasting, and the numbers got worse as I time tested myself after a meal. When I stopped carbs, the withdrawal was awful, but I stuck with it. There was a learning curve, but once I broke the addiction I never looked back.

Fast forward almost two years I'm 30lbs lighter, I eat until I'm full, I can go 18 hours w/o food and not feel hungry, and this month it seems my blood glucose levels are normal. My body has healed. I've never felt so good, and like Karl who long-distance runs, I just started learning Jui Jitsu. My 50 y/o body feels better from anytime after I was 30.

On this New Years Eve, get off your fat ass and ignore conventional dietary wisdom. You don't know what you don't know.

Karl, you changed my life and added many years to it. Happy New Year and thanks.
2017-12-31 15:55:34