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It can be done. 20 pounds in 6 weeks to keep my job.

Had this same discussion with another driver Friday night.
His A1c hit 9.7 and his Dr. wanted to put him on Insulin.
No job for him then.
You don't get diabetes by someone sneezing on you.
Most people do it to themselves.
This is huge for my wife. Her A1c was over 12.
Now it is below 8.
We are doing it together.

Daughter is going HFLC MP too. 4 Pounds her first week.
She is also on a huge debt reduction program with the goal of paying off her mortgage in 5 years.
She is working part time to supplement her Real Estate and took in a college student boarder.
Cost her $1000 to finish off the bedroom in her basement.
She will get $450 a month renting it out.
Her Mortgage is only $550.

Watch out for yourselves, Government surely never will.

Rollformer, that is really bad news.
Since you worked together and Meso is usually related to workplace exposure, Get checked yourself.
Still trying to reconcile the Lung transplant though....
He didn't get a bad lung? Or was Meso already there necessitating the transplant?

Best of Luck to everyone in the New Year and may your endeavors be productive and families healthy.
2017-12-31 14:25:07