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The Federal Government knows this. It also knows that if the Attorney General, Congress or the President puts a stop to it there's a monstrous recession -- in fact, from an economic definition perspective an immediate Depression will result. It wouldn't last long and we'd be far better off when it was over but the next 12 to 18 months would be nasty and whoever is in office at the time will get blamed -- and lose their jobs.


Considering these people (10-30:1) produce absolutely nothing from a manufacturing standpoint would it really cause much of a recession? If these people get put deservedly out of a job the money that they were getting goes into the pockets of the people being formerly screwed. That money can be used elsewhere for other goods and services outside the health care system.

I know the stock market gets hammered and all the people that have invested in the scam through health care stocks also get their just rewards for investing in the scams that have financially raped the people of this nation -no sympathy from me.

This is not like losing a manufacturing base that actually creates something of value. When the medical system adds nothing of value and instead functions like a giant tick on the back of the American people then getting rid of the parasite immediately strengthens the host.

Not sure if I am missing something but I can't see where these people being put out on the street is such a bad thing for the rest of the nation - until the government decides to pay them benefits in "sympathy". I doubt the rest of the nation outside of "health fail" even notice a recession if they had no need of these services?

Anyway- thanks for all you do. Best of the new year to you.

2017-12-31 14:12:02