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Christmas dinner with my parents consisted of me trying to persuade my mother to drop her blood pressure meds altogether, like NOW. Throughout 2017 she has focused on a proper diet and exercise program. As a result, her diabetes pretty much went away, her resting heart rate has come down from the 80s to the 60s, she has lost 30 or so lbs, and her extremities have gained back some lost nerve function. This, however, was not good enough for her "doctor", who insisted she go on statins to take her 150/80-160/90 BP down to what it "should" be.

I insisted that if all her other markers were coming in line, that BP could not be far behind, so long as she stays the course and keeps to her healthful changes. She hates the way the statins make her feel, and I said she will hate it even more when they give her back her diabetes and kill her kidneys to boot. She still consumes too much caffeine in my opinion, and she bakes with "gluten free" grains from time to time, and I said as much to her that she needs to chuck those habits too. But all in all, her changes have been positive, but even so the medical establishment is trying to milk her for money and kill her slowly.
2017-12-31 13:41:14