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User Info Apple, The BeeEss Company; entered at 2017-12-31 10:46:55
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with lead acid batteries this is also a factor. they are ruined if they are allowed to deep discharge too far and repeatedly discharging them past a certain threshold shortens both their life span and load capacity. the way to test them properly is to charge to the rated storage voltage and then load test them. it seems that the only difference between them and the LI units is that they benefit from full and even a bit of overcharging.

have never owned Apple crap, but get to experience it with others who do. same carrier, T-mobile, and the sound quality speaking to someone using one of these is horrible. got a real lesson the other day when someone handed me his to speak to someone, terrible **** speaker and quality. my Samsung s5 sounds really nice in comparison. the best was my old Ericson t28 on the same network. my Apple friends also marvel at how nice the screen is on my s5 as compared to Apple. talk about a scam, crApple really has them by the balls and here is one reason why.

females generally, there are exceptions, like things to be easier with tech and do not have much competency in this area. i see the following all over my community. mom or grandma has an iPhone and she gets this friends and family plan that gets hubby, the children (adult and younger), even grandchildren free or discounted iPhones and often (where this all began pre-smartphone) unlimited talk, text and other **** with this friends and family group plan. add in that there is all sorts of cult specific apps and other BS photo sharing **** that they want to use in common among the family and you see how it goes. Moms are placing these things in the hands of their children and the adult children love it too as they can constantly do the grandparent thing once they have children. this family networking also drives Facebook, big time.

Marketing to women drives youth tastes. What was it? "First you get the women, then you have the children and the men will follow."

If i ever enter serious dating again other than FB's, the requirement will be no i**** or social networking. Funny how the girls that I raised are not into this **** even now. There are much more important things in life such as helping your daughter with her homework and teaching her that if there is a g-d, his name is not Steve Jobs.
2017-12-31 10:46:55