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User Info Apple, The BeeEss Company; entered at 2017-12-31 08:54:45
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Ah yes. The phenomenon where we take a piece of hardware that is admittedly beautiful (look at the Galaxy S8), and put it into a giant plastic case.

.... because the idiot designers paid zero attention to reality, specifically that there is a CAMERA LENS COVER on the back that is able to be damaged by ordinary events if it's the HIGHEST POINT ON THE BACK, and if it IS damaged that "beautiful" hardware becomes quite a bit less valuable.

The same is true for said "beautiful" screens that have ZERO relief from the edge of the device and thus virtually ANY drop impact will shatter them -- when even a VERY small inset would prevent that EXCEPT for a very small range of angles of impact.
2017-12-31 08:54:45