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"Can you explain how this caller ID spoofing is happening ?"

From a discussion with an ex AT&T technician:

When a customer buys a trunk line (a connection with the ability to handle multiple phone calls at once), AT&T will accept from the customer 10 digits to display as the originating number of any call placed on that trunk. The intention is so that say a company had numbers 212-555-1000 through 212-555-1099 whichever internal number you happened to be calling from, the number would present as 212-555-1000. However, there is no range checking on the number presented so that even though you only have numbers 212-555-1000 through 212-555-1099 you can present the number you want displayed as 818-555-9999 (for instance).

And this is only one example for an old style connection to the PSTN from a known location. This doesn't even get near discussions with VOIP, etc that can have calls originating from ANYWHERE.

2017-12-30 17:28:32