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User Info Americans And Jeff Sessions Want 'Open Season' on Cops; entered at 2017-12-30 16:10:46
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So it was a 911 call ?

I'd have assumed 911 system shows actual location of a caller not a spoofed one.
With cellphones - who knows what shows up.

It's high time some telco executives face prosecurion for allowing a public nuisance, indeed now a public menace , to exist on their system.

You can bet airlines and other common carriers are obliged to protect their passengers from obstreporous other passengers.

I am harassed by spoofed robocalls 3 to tena day. I always press "1" and tell whoever answers "dog-b;owing telemarketer scum quit 'effing' calling here."

At least i waste some of their time. If everybody did that it would slow them down to the point it'd become unprofitable.

I've written my congressmam, it's useless. They're pals with the telemarketing industry because of campaign season.

2017-12-30 16:10:46