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User Info Americans And Jeff Sessions Want 'Open Season' on Cops; entered at 2017-12-30 15:07:08
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Can you explain how this caller ID spoofing is happening ?

I was told it was though VOIP computers and naturally when I complained to the phone co. they "claimed" it was hard to stop but was punishable by large fines. Just like the Do Not Call List supposedly has fines. Another example of why have any of these laws if they are either selectively enforced or just ignored with no recourse.

Been getting local numbers calling on land line which appears to make them look legit. Still I never answer the phone period. If there is no ID of the caller or a message concerning what it's about then I do not answer. Hell even when people identify themselves and leave message about something legit I still might not call back.

So when you attempt to run these local numbers down they are either disconnected or in 2 cases recently the caller ID name is of someone local that has recently passed away. Local library even had an irate patron who got one of these scam calls where it showed as coming from the library's name and number on caller ID.

I'm sure it's not that difficult to shut down the scams but like everything else the "bezzle" and "extraction" games continue.

Hope you can elaborate on how this called ID spoofing happens and what could be done to stop it.
2017-12-30 15:07:08