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User Info Americans And Jeff Sessions Want 'Open Season' on Cops; entered at 2017-12-30 13:45:42
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Registered: 2017-04-29 DeKalb, Illinois
I think a lot of these incidents are the result of two things, Rambo wannabees on the police forces, and too many cops are infantry veterans. I was a grunt too, and I realized that I have all the wrong reflexes for police work. I mentioned this to a good friend who was on a local police force, and was an exemplary cop, and after some discussion, he agreed with me. He could go into a barroom brawl, and with a few blows from his blackjack to the main perpetrators, would soon stop the fighting. Infantry reflexes make you shoot at the closest threat, and then take the rest out too. That works fine in combat, but it causes problems in police work. And these problems tend to be covered up expertly by the PD.
2017-12-30 13:45:42