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User Info Americans And Jeff Sessions Want 'Open Season' on Cops; entered at 2017-12-30 12:35:03
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Defense in depth.
Gated communities, gated drive, outer vestibule or courtyard that is gated with intercom and video camera.

The brick outer courtyard was a common style in the 70's.

Make them have to stop and actually think rather than charge right up to the door.

Even a screened in and securely locked front porch with a dog would be better than direct access.

Slab on grade construction is too easy.

First floor window sills need to be at least 6 feet high with prickly Holly Bushes as a deterrent planted in front.

Answer the intercom in your Madea voice.

Have the Chief of Police or Sheriff on your speed dial.

In small communities get to know them in the Corleone kind of way.

They aren't your friends.
Get a scanner.
Know your AO and the threat environment .

That is easier to do in a small town.

2017-12-30 12:35:03