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2017-12-27 16:42 by Karl Denninger
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HomeDaemon Is Growing A License Server...
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Might want to read this article again if you're the entrepreneurial type....

I'm in the process of putting an integral licensing system into the code.  There have been a few other additions lately as well, including internal unit grouping and timeout support (which has always been able to be done with events, but this makes it very easy to "slave" multiple units against each other without any work at all.)

The internal licensing is (of course) based on machine certificates, which will make it pretty easy to lock a given license to a given piece of hardware (in other words it's going to be quite hard to steal) and since the basic certificate infrastructure is inherently necessary for the code to work in any sort of secure fashion (e.g. so you can interact with it via the web interface) it's also going to be something that if someone hacks it out they'll wind up with an essentially-useless piece of software in the process of doing so.  It's designed to be automatically delivered online on software start-up and, of course, will be done over encrypted communications.

Since certificates can have validity periods and such as well subscription models are trivially easy.

I'll be coding up a very basic back end (because I'll need to in order for the online portion to work) but of course that's very extensible.

Come and get it -- lock, stock and barrel -- before (if you're a Trumper) makes the business environment interesting enough once again for me to decide to do the last 10% and start distributing it myself....

There's also a not-yet-filed provisional patent that goes with it... no idea what that's worth, of course -- it might be zero, or it might be... well.... a lot.  And once I get all this done the ask might be going up "just a bit."  After all, I can do math...

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