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User Info A Christmas Thought; entered at 2017-12-26 05:27:32
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Registered: 2009-06-03 East of Sheol
The only issue I ever had with Amish are the horseshoe nails that come off the horseshoes. I got a doubled flat tires one day due to them.

I've had worse problems with dumbasses on construction crews in conventional trucks losing 10" round bastard files, nails, and bolts. The tires became instantly worthless after hitting some of those items.

PA can be pretty dark in places and the curves around those mountains treacherous. The lights I've seen are not much more powerful than the ones found on bicycles. Not much in guiding your path but it might help prevent some other dumbass from running you down. Going downhill can sometimes be a challenge to keep control of the buggy. It is sometimes too much for the horse to handle under a heavy load. Many Amish get out as pedestrians to help walk the horse and buggy up or down. The men's essentially all black clothing only adds to their danger in such situations.

Ever seen an Amish drag race ? smiley

When you treasury secretary's name sounds similar to minutia a box manure is a very appropriate gift for Christmas -lol.

2017-12-26 05:27:32