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User Info A Christmas Thought; entered at 2017-12-25 22:46:07
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Registered: 2007-08-26 East Tennessee Eastern Time
Karl: A serious question for you in my melancholy christmas (and dinner) afterglow. I'm not trying to be rude, mind you, it's something I've wondered for quite some time.

You've gotten quite disgusted with everything (or more accurately, a whole lot of people,) and probably feel your efforts on this site and elsewhere have been futile. This is the impression I have, though I know it may not be 100% accurate, I assume it's close enough. Because of this, you're ready to wash your hands of it. A perfectly understandable impulse.

I'm sure you'd be ecstatic if all the fraud was eliminated from our country and we went back to the constitution being meaningful. I have to guess you'd carry on quite happily even if there was a strong push made in that direction. You'd probably be reasonably content to carry on if there were signs that a push might be on the horizon.

The way I see it, you expend effort to improve people's lives. Directly, indirectly or even allowing people both the chance and the ability to improve their own lives.

And now my question:

How many lives saved (or greatly improved directly due to you) do you feel is the dividing line between your work being worth the effort or not? Obviously, the number is less than "everyone." Equally obviously, it's a number quite a bit higher than one.

It's probably not actually a number that's quantifiable, more feeling than hard fact, or possibly even a continuum, so don't think I'm looking for a number. It's not a question that would be comfortable to answer so I'm not even really sure I'm looking for an answer, the importance of the answer may be more in your own mind than to anybody else.

Please know that a number of lives I am directly acquainted with have changed for the better (in pretty major ways) due to your work here. Thank you.

I truly hope you get at least some of what you hope for in the coming year - we'd all be better off for it.
2017-12-25 22:46:07