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User Info And Now We Find Out....; entered at 2017-12-25 08:28:42
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Spoke to a long time investment advisor last week. He had a client bring in there 22 year-old kid, kid had put 20K into Bitcoin, worth a cool 1.9 million at the time. The parents, doing the right thing, bring him in for a consultation.

The advisor sits him down, says "take your profits out, let the 20k ride.. you've got 1.9 million now in cash, far better than anyone your age!" and this kid is like "Nope, I'm just going to hold it and let it ride.." and his parents let him.

Aw hell, take HALF the profit out then and let the rest ride.

Letting it all ride after that kind of gain is how you end up netting nothing.
2017-12-25 08:28:42