Trump Is A Swamp Creature
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2017-12-24 10:14 by Karl Denninger
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Trump Is A Swamp Creature
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You need no further proof than this:

 by tickerguy

Trump has now publicly acknowledged that McCabe violated several federal laws, not the least of which is the Hatch Act.  Yet he now proposes to allow McCabe to retire next year, keeping his federal pension and benefits.

Not only that but Congress has that evidence now too -- but note that the House Judiciary Committee is not issuing a single word about the fact that such actions are violations of several federal laws.

What Trump should do is have Sessions immediately indict him - after firing McCabe for cause, which terminates his right to any sort of federal pension or benefit.  If McCabe wants to sue for his pension let him, because that will force into the public record all of the evidence on exactly what he did as he will have to defend the claim that his firing "for cause" wasn't actually for cause.

Good luck with that.

But Trump isn't going to do that.  Instead he's going to let McCabe walk off with your money America.  Money he will steal from you for the rest of his life after having taken actions that, the President has good reason to believe, were felony violations of the law and abuses of his office, effectively using the FBI as a political weapon in a Presidential contest.

That's damn close to a coup, and that it failed doesn't matter.  It's still illegal.

There is nobody who can honestly support President Trump unless he upholds The Rule of Law, and in this instance since he has publicly declared that McCabe used the FBI as a weapon in a political contest he must either dismiss and prosecute him now or he has declared himself exactly equal in his tolerance and support of corruption as are both Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

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