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User Info Is crApple Playing Games With iFrauds? YES!; entered at 2017-12-22 14:54:30
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The problem that arises with batteries is that there's a **** TON of fraud out there.

People take PULLS and advertise them as "OEM" batteries. Well, they are -- but they're dead, or nearly so. That's FRAUD.

Then they will take OEM cells (used!) and REWRAP THEM with some other sticker and sell THOSE! Those are ALSO dead (or nearly so.)

And finally, there are the SERIOUSLY old stock that are ALSO dead right out of the package, but are real.

Then you have the real (and good) ones, along with the third-party makers that ACTUALLY have a new battery in the package that's third party. Those are usually ok too.

It's a total ****ing crapshoot what you're going to get when you buy them online. I went through a ****-ton of this back in the original Samsung Android device days when ALL of them had removable batteries -- about HALF of those bought online were flat-out worthless and outright frauds.

Nothing has changed since because NOBODY EVER GOES TO ****ING JAIL for robbing you!
2017-12-22 14:54:30