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User Info Is crApple Playing Games With iFrauds? YES!; entered at 2017-12-21 22:05:32
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The math on this is pretty simple -- Lithium cells have a service life of approximately 500 cycles, and this assumes you treat them "nicely." Charge them when hot, get them hot, etc -- they don't last as long. iPhones have always had marginally-sized batteries in them -- a heavy user will rarely get a full day without a charge, which means they take TWO cycles in a given day, roughly, if one of the charges is done under less-than-great conditions (e.g. the phone is already hot, etc.)

Well, divide 500 by 365 and you see the problem. Heavy users will start to notice battery problems before the one year warranty is up. The fault here is Apple's, in that they could throttle charge rates (to prevent hot-charging the battery) or throttle charging at 95% generally (which helps quite a bit in terms of extending life), or even better, do both of those and put another 500mah of capacity in the case, which means a somewhat bigger (less "svelte") phone. They did none of the above. So then, having made that engineering decision, they decided to intentionally hide the fact that their code had detected a FAILED (not "getting weaker", by any reasonable definition DEFECTIVE) battery and rather than bring that to the attention of the user they tried to squeeze another couple of months out of it before the user started to garf that their phone wouldn't hold a charge AT ALL any more.

That's fraud.
2017-12-21 22:05:32