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User Info Is crApple Playing Games With iFrauds? YES!; entered at 2017-12-21 20:45:19
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Registered: 2013-04-08
And to think that I was annoyed at having to charge my little non-smart brick of a prepaid cellular telephone (which cost me a whopping $10 and included $10 worth of minutes in the price) every week to week and a half to keep it going! My old 2G version before I got forced to swap to this one would easily last 3 weeks even after many charging cycles over the years. I couldn't imagine a daily charge-up! On top of that, having a non-removable battery? Blasphemy!

If I didn't already avoid Apple and their iWhatevers, along with a bunch of others of these big fraud-filled corporations, I feel that this would be a great reason by itself to start doing so. Would it have been so difficult for them to program these devices to alert the user when the batteries started showing signs of aging, recommending a new battery, instead of throttling the phones without any disclosure? I guess that would be to admit that they design these things to be replaced every couple of years, though?
2017-12-21 20:45:19