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I think the real cultural canary in the coal mine is Garrison Keillor. That is the perfect storm -- draconian (even Orwellian) action taken with just the lightest whiff of scandal, even as the parties are still busy 'lawyering up'. But Keillor is probably too disillusioned to offer any defense other than his brief statement, he will just be a broken man in retirement who stepped on an invisible third rail.

Of course in an attempt to explain this is a vacuum, people are seizing on Keillor's Washington Post column where he ostensibly 'defended' Franken. I sense the brass at MPR reading the column and saying, "Now's the time, let's go nuclear with that 'unperson' idea." In the column I don't see any real defense there, if anything Keillor merely failed to virtue-signal with mock indignation with the rest. In Franken The People elected a low-brow slapstick comedian and that's what they got.

Keillor was attempting to caution us against rule by the mob, asking how far will the McCarthyesque rabbit hole go? But he did it badly with his talk about renaming things, and perhaps with allusion to bringing down statues, with an attempt at humor. Had Mark Twain seen this age he would have written the same thing, we'd probably burn him at the stake too. Justin Dillon penned a better column urging restraint for Keillor than Keillor did for Franken.

Suddenly... thousands of guest artists represented over 20 years 1985-2016, 700 unique broadcasts of A Prairie Home Companion spanning 1,371 hours were deemed too toxic to host on the Internet. The net's 'cultural IQ' has dropped a few points, but the children are now safe... if no longer above average. Too bad Keillor invested most of his writing skill into preparing those radio scripts and gathered his eggs in one place, that his legacy can be undone with a single Apache redirect. I know the show and hour count because I have it all archived, and you'd have to pry it from my cold dead hands.
2017-12-07 09:03:26