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User Info Lock ZuckerPig Up (And Parents Too); entered at 2017-12-05 13:00:14
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I would love to see some sort of real action against these official and admitted pushers of such addictive "substances," but I don't expect anything. I haven't seen anything for the psychotropic drug pill pushing on kids in schools, for instance, even with all the clear evidence of their known effects, so I don't hold out any hopes in this case, either.

It's sad seeing people fall for such stunts as Facebook's one here to push this sort of addictive product/behavior on more, especially their own children. This sort of scam has been studied and nearly perfected over the years, as has been mentioned. You'd think that at some point people would have had enough and stand against this, but unfortunately, I only see a very small minority even expressing the slightest concern. Somehow, most don't seem to see the reality of how this stuff affects them and those around them.

<quote>cell phones in school, remember if there was an emergency and the parents simply called the school?</quote>

I, too, feel that personal telephones have no place in schools, just as in most workplaces. Call the school and get them to pass the message on or go get the kid to the phone if you need to convey something that just cannot wait until you see them later in the day! Allowing such devices just encourages distraction and cheating, not to mention helping addict the kids. What a lame excuse the "they'll do it anyway, so may as well learn about it here" one is. Sounds to me like someone has no skill in or desire to enforce rules. This whole cellphone and personal tablet stuff in school is just another reason I'd stick to home school for any child I am unlikely to ever have, just as my parents did for me.

In my own life, I do my small part by always trying to lead by example, if you will, and being the change I want to see. Sometimes that involves going over the top somewhat to make it obvious to those around me. I don't just stop at not being affiliated with any of these social media sites and keeping my distance from such as Amazon and Google as much as I can. I go on, for instance, to almost always leave my [non-"smart"] cellphone behind, besides on certain occasions that I can't as easily get out of taking it for backup (in which case it goes generally powered-off in the car's glove compartment). I've never had an issue either just waiting to contact someone by email or landline call until I make it where I'm going or stepping in to the nearest business to borrow their telephone for a quick call in the case of a car break-down, for instance, as was normal throughout most of the 20th century until about my high-school days when the usage of cellphones started really proliferating.

I wish I could say that I've seen more of an impact on those around me, but at least I have had minor victories. I've gotten a few to give up on social media and to set their cellphones aside regularly and have genuine face-to-face interactions without feeling that itch many seem to have to check in constantly.
2017-12-05 13:00:14