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User Info Lock ZuckerPig Up (And Parents Too); entered at 2017-12-05 09:28:37
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cell phones in school, remember if there was an emergency and the parents simply called the school?

the marketing to children has been going on a long time and was standardized in the often celebrated bull**** 1950's. the whole concept of the "teenager" was a marketing creation when it used to be young adult along with a greater level of maturity in the later years. marketing was a big part of the extension of adolescence when any other sane culture would endeavor to raise maturity at earlier ages as long as it was done kindly and for the proper reasons.

getting children and even young adults hooked on things ramped up during the consumerist 1980's. the term hooked was used then. name it from media to toys to fashion, whatever. these current *******s simply read their business school curriculum thoroughly. i attended a university with a large and successful business school in its own division. my acquaintances there were learning about viral marketing to children and teens and manipulating said psychologically. there were even entire courses dedicated to consumer psychology. Late 1980's to 1990's.

immature people make great consumers. the technique used to be called making a consumer for life. remember, "bored people make great consumers." this **** even affected our education system.

same ****, different *******.
2017-12-05 09:28:37