Time's Up On The Norks
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2017-12-01 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Time's Up On The Norks
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Yes, I know the problem is difficult.

I know there are no good answers.

I know that any military solution is not only fraught with risks, but is likely to result in tens of thousands of casualties and might lead to nuclear fireballs.

Nonetheless we must cut the crap.  Either North Korea (and by extension every other nation) has the right to possess nuclear weapons or it does not.

Either we and other nations have the right to determine who can "join" the nuclear club or we do not.

It's binary, when you get down to it.

Nobody wants to take it on in this regard, but we must.  We must because the same situation applies today to Iran.  Tomorrow it will be Sudan or for that matter Venezuela.  The principles are the same; either a sovereign nation has the right to possess any technologically-possible means of defense and offense within its military or it is not a sovereign nation with the right of self-determination.

This a pock-marked and ugly road, yet one we have steadfastly refused to travel since the US and then the USSR both detonated dozens of nuclear bombs and flew dozens of ICBMs in test.  France, Great Britain and others followed.  China stole warhead designs and technology from the US and then Bill Clinton gave them even more in their alleged "civilian" purchase of radar technology which our state department knew had dual use, allowing them to take what was a "city destroyer" (accurate within a few miles) and turn it into a nuclear bunker-buster (accurate to within a few feet.)

In exchange for China's theft and deception we gave them wide-open access to our markets and worse, looked the other way while they stole trillions worth of intellectual property in the years that followed -- theft that continues without consequence to them to this very day.

Never mind Gadaffi, who did accede to US demands regarding weapons and then was sodomized and killed when we decided we didn't like him anyway.

So either blow Mr. Rocketman to Hell right here and now or shut the **** up Mr. President when it comes to North Korea.

You know good and ******n well that I'm right about all of the above and that all of it, especially the Chinese part, came about because your predecessors and our Congress are all spineless pussies who can't be bothered with anything called "national security" and haven't been since Pearl Harbor.

Stealing a nuclear warhead's design, which is exactly what the Chinese did, would have led them to be instantly and permanently barred from trade if anyone in our government gave a **** about national security.  Clearly we didn't, and clearly we don't.  You, Mr. President, are just as dickless as your predecessors in this regard.  You're far more concerned about "cheap chineesium goods" than you are about whether or not our military assets can be reduced to ash by said Chinese.

North Korea has now fired a  missile that can hit damn near anything north of the Equator.  That includes any city in the United States.  May I remind you that since China has refused to cut them off they probably have the Loral technology that the Clinton Administration sold in return for $500,000 in illegal campaign donations.

Not only did nobody ever go to jail in our government for that (most-especially Herr Clinton) there has never been any shutdown of Chinese trade and banking with the US either, including incinerating their Treasury holdings -- all of which we could have done in response.

Not that it really matters whether they have that radar technology when it comes to hitting cities; it's only important if you need to blow up a bunker, where missing by a mile means you make a lot of noise and blow fallout all over the place but the bunker survives.  Washington DC, on the other hand.....

To those who are "Trumpers", you're out of your ****ing mind.  What will the DOW trade at if DC glows in the dark?  Or Chicago?  Or New York?  Or Atlanta?  Or San Francisco?

Can't happen eh?  Oh yes it can -- right here, right now.  That launch make it quite-clear that while we're not certain they can launch something and have it survive re-entry a "can't be sure" is a rather poor thing to rely on when we're talking ICBMs and nuclear warheads.

Make up your mind folks -- either every nation has the right to these weapons or not.  If so, then shut the **** up when both Iran and Venezuela build them, along with every third-world hellhole you can find.

Because they will.

Like this piece?  Come check it out here (All The Suns)

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