I Was Going to Write.....
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2017-11-30 23:48 by Karl Denninger
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I Was Going to Write.....
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.... a very long piece tomorrow on the outrageous decision in Californicated this evening in which a jury acquitted an illegal invader of all charges, save one, in shooting Kate Steinle.

The jury "bought" the defense argument that the charge was "racist."

But I'm not going to put in the effort because nobody in this nation gives a ****.  The Steinle family will not obtain justice and that's your responsibility, America.

No, I don't think that illegal invader should have been convicted of murder.  Murder requires intent.  I don't know if that was proved; I wasn't on the jury.

But manslaughter was a lesser included charge and does not require intent -- just recklessness.

That shooting was without question reckless.

Second, as an illegal invader it was a federal offense for him to possess a firearm.  He was also a convicted felon, so there's a state and federal crime there too.  Rather than imprison him for possession of a firearm by a felon (state charge, on which he was convicted) or try him on the federal charge of acquiring said weapon (a separate and distinct offense)which the Federal Government could do now (it doesn't matter how you acquire said firearm if you're a prohibited person) they're going to deport him instead.

May I remind you that they deported him before and he came back.  What makes you think he won't do it again?  Why deport him rather than imprison him?

So rather than tell you how I really feel about this, I'm simply going to leave you with these two thoughts:

First, **** you Mr. President, as you have no respect for the Rule of Law or your Just-Us department would try that illegal invader for the federal offense of illegally obtaining a firearm as an illegal invader in federal court and upon conviction toss his ass in federal prison for doing so, or let the state sentence and imprison him on the STATE charge he was convicted of first (possession of a firearm by a felon), try him on the federal charge and then deport him when he has served said sentences.  I remind you that DoucheNozzle Trump has repeatedly criticized Obama for being "soft on federal gun crimes" (such as acquiring guns as a felon); so much for Trump having a sack when it comes to enforcing the law.

You, Mr. President, just destroyed the last bit of respect I had for you.  May you burn in eternal Hell along with Kate's killer; you deserve to join him for your complicity in not trying this jackass in federal court.  I remind you that the Executive is charged with enforcing the law and the President's Oath of Office requires that he do so faithfully.

And second, **** you California.  I respect the decision of the jury but it damn well ought to have consequences, all lawful and enforced by the people of this country.  It won't because we no longer have anyone left in this nation with a sack, but if you think I'll be sorry or enraged and willing to fight if the Norks nuke San Francisco tomorrow morning..... you're wrong.

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