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User Info Is Tesla On The Verge of Bankruptcy?; entered at 2017-11-21 11:02:17
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Interesting Karl, i see your points. This probably explains why some Navy ships use the electrical propulsion. they have other massive loads from their equipment with variability. the large container ships that travel rather slowly are an engine coupled to driveline for the reasons that you state. years ago they would actually change fuel type for maneuvering. the denser, thicker fuel is for the long distance run. when you want maneuverability they had a less dense fuel for this that could run the diesels at more varied RPM. some of the coastal and sea tugboats still do the same.

conversion losses always get you in the end.

cannot wait to see the fallout when Mazda has its new engine in full production.
2017-11-21 11:02:17