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User Info Is Tesla On The Verge of Bankruptcy?; entered at 2017-11-20 16:46:07
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>>If Americans and Europeans are stupid (that word again) enough to accept this, this is an urban centric planner's dream. A trapped population forced to patronize an urban area and not vote with their feet, commute time or completely dislocate will be a future cash cow for everything that left-wing urban areas tend to force upon their people. Add in the merchant princes who would simply delight in people being less autonomous and you have a major social change, not for the better. This is why battery and self-driving are being pushed together. Personal skills have a shelf-life. Once you give up being personally autonomous for the vehicle being so, you will forget how to be this way. Gradually you will stop pondering your environment as you drive, looking for solutions, becoming more involved in other distractions, even reading. When something makes the decisions for you, you cease to do so for yourself. Battery range, ability to charge and planned routes will start to determine people's lives so subtly that they will not perceive it.>>

First off, Americans and Europeans are stupid.

EVERY urban planner under age 35 is working this angle. Your downtowns and near-neighborhoods are being redesigned as I type this to eliminate drive lanes that are being used by fossil fueled vehicles and add bike lanes and walking space that remain unused by bikes or pedestrians. However, the point is to constrict the arteries of transportation to therefore make those in the area look at getting rid of their vehicles and just living where they work. In further-out areas, the lanes are being restricted despite ZERO demand for bike lanes, because 'bike commuters will use them'. No, they won't. No one's going to commute twenty five miles each way in winter climates. Doesn't matter--the point is to get rid of gasoline powered cars.

Where they're implementing this widely (and in places that I've visited) like Seattle and Portland, it's just not on our list to drive around there any more. So we don't visit those areas, don't spend our money there, don't go to restaurants.
2017-11-20 16:46:07