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User Info Is Tesla On The Verge of Bankruptcy?; entered at 2017-11-20 09:04:55
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Did the car companies/government/people just give up on fuel-cell cars?

What happened with that great technology that was coming soon almost 15 years ago?

Fuel cells require a hydrogen source. The usual means of obtaining it terrestrially is to put a "reformer" in front of it and feed it natural gas (methane), which is CH4.

Of course then the problem becomes what do you do with the "C"? The answer is you oxidize it (CO2) which of course, well, yeah, the greenies go ape**** when they figure that one out. Oh, and while this sounds grand there is a wee problem with natural gas as a fuel -- it's energy density sucks except at cryogenic temperatures where it can be a liquid, never mind the energy consumed to compress it for storage in a fuel tank. Where you can deal with the tank size and mass (e.g. a truck) it works well for short-haul use (e.g. garbage trucks, etc) but you may as well just burn the natural gas in a conventional engine and be done with it -- it's a hell of a lot cheaper and the end-to-end efficiency is actually HIGHER. Thus you frequently DO see things like a garbage truck or city bus running on CNG.

Workable for fixed power use but then we get down to cost, and both fuel cells and reformers ain't cheap nor do fuel cells do real well with rapidly-varying load requirements.

In other words it was a load of bull**** 15 years ago and still is.

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2017-11-20 09:04:55