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User Info Is Tesla On The Verge of Bankruptcy?; entered at 2017-11-20 06:37:31
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Here is an excellent analysis of the company that examines each product line. It paints a pretty dim picture:


Since January 2013, Tesla produced 271,131 cars but sold only 254,206 - a delta of 16,925 cars or an astonishing 6.24% of total production. What happened to all those cars? Is Tesla building the largest finished goods inventory in the automotive sector? The worlds largest loaner fleet? Will Tesla be able to sell thousands of inventoried cars with the old exterior design without Autopilot 2.0 or better trim levels, even with a steep markdown? Or will it write them off? A company suffering from unremitting cash burn must convert inventory into sales. If one takes the ASP of around $100,000 from Q3 as a yardstick, Tesla squandered $1.69 billion in unrealised revenue in only four years.
2017-11-20 06:37:31