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User Info Is Tesla On The Verge of Bankruptcy?; entered at 2017-11-20 06:35:03
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China can develop an electric car market for a few reasons. It has invested in electrical generation and continues to do so, hydroelectric, nuclear, LFTR's, and conventional. They also have more direct access and source country relations with sources for rare earth metals. We do not have this. They also consider pollution to be a national treasure.

Additionally their power grid is being built out so the load will be considered. There is a tendency to have excess capacity in their major projects. The Chinese are also a controlled and managed society. The range, use and boundaries of personal transportation vehicles has surely been a part of their authoritarian planning. It would not be surprising if there is some mobility restriction baked in from the start in all aspects of the product.

If Americans and Europeans are stupid (that word again) enough to accept this, this is an urban centric planner's dream. A trapped population forced to patronize an urban area and not vote with their feet, commute time or completely dislocate will be a future cash cow for everything that left-wing urban areas tend to force upon their people. Add in the merchant princes who would simply delight in people being less autonomous and you have a major social change, not for the better. This is why battery and self-driving are being pushed together. Personal skills have a shelf-life. Once you give up being personally autonomous for the vehicle being so, you will forget how to be this way. Gradually you will stop pondering your environment as you drive, looking for solutions, becoming more involved in other distractions, even reading. When something makes the decisions for you, you cease to do so for yourself. Battery range, ability to charge and planned routes will start to determine people's lives so subtly that they will not perceive it.

This is what some of us warn about. Sometimes technology as great as it is can cause us to lose some of the aspects of humanity worth conserving.

Calculators in the classroom along with cable television, computerized testing instead of writing, no one can fix anything for themselves, instant answers at people's fingertips. Question is, can we ever go back.

The new rebels might be people who live outside of this new world, perhaps using older stuff and new tech carefully and selectively. the new rebels will win not when they live like people of 40 to 100 years ago, but by having those skills and using the competence that they give to make amazing advances in technology. Then the controlled masses in the urban control systems will be left behind with no skill set to compete which is happening already.
2017-11-20 06:35:03