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User Info Is Tesla On The Verge of Bankruptcy?; entered at 2017-11-19 17:26:43
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the more one listened to the pro battery electric people over the years it became obvious that it has become a religion, rather a cult. whenever someone points out a shortcoming or cost of operation over time, you know, that science and logic stuff; you always hear that, "when battery technology improves," or some derivation of this phrase. it found its way into media and politics too regarding these vehicles.

This is the key. We have a large group and entire millennial generation that seems to think that this will happen. The seeds were planted with their ****ing macbooks and later iphones when everyone of them was told that multi day battery life under constant usage was just round the corner through some amazing apple magic at Steve Jobs magic wand. it is either by accident or design that the same marketing message was picked up by the battery car crowd. it sounds futuristic. we do see items improve over time, however much technology becomes incremental and the efficiency gains graph flattens. even apple admitted that there were hard limits and were said to be exploring a reaction type power source to generate electrical power in their laptops, a fuel cell.

the lack of scientific literacy along with the inability to think critically will always lead to technology worship. Star Trek was a fantasy world; there are hard laws of physics that must be addressed. It has been said that religious beliefs ordered many societies, perhaps even the beginnings of the American experiment. However, the founders created a separation so that individual inspiration did not become mandatory. Yet, now we see that a new religion was created based on the high priests of technology and the politicians and business leaders follow its cannons. So now these politicos will place charging stations all over our cities, give all sorts of benefits and major corporations such as United Parcel Service will convert fleets and bear the costs to stay in the good graces.

Many of our social debates such as global warming and this one have become secular religions.
2017-11-19 17:26:43