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User Info Shut The Universities Down OR Shut Up About RACISM; entered at 2017-11-14 13:34:54
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Twin is right. Social Justice Warrior miscreants have personality disorders and seek positions of power over others in order to promote their warped agenda. All they have in the end IS their agenda - not any real friends or real humanity towards others. They have cats and hatred, and zero sense of humor, and they are positioned to make everyone else tow the line or suffer the consequences. Just like a young single person who is dedicated to their craft will sacrifice long hours and intense creativity to improve and excel, so to do these misanthropes act, promote each other, and suppress real humans whenever they can get away with it. If you have to go to a College or University, be a gray person, get your degree and get out. If you have to work for any corporation with a big HR department, be a gray person and get your paycheck, develop your hobbies and passions (monetize that if you can), and if you can, get out extending your middle finger to the tax man, the SJW, the LGBTQRSTUV etc. crowd.

Get in shape, health is the first wealth.
Say Hello to your neighbor every now and then so y'all know each other and respect each other.
Live simply and calmly.
Find ways to minimize your taxes legally.
If you are religious/spiritual, develop that.
Learn useful skills.

Don't give SJWs the time of day, they might want to talk to you, and that is a waste of time. If you must talk to them, be firm, concise, make sure your words count, be consistent. When their world no longer makes sense to them because it is built on the shifting sands of Marxism, they may actually value you as a person. If they do, then either you are one of them, or they are leaving their herd.

No wonder vampire and zombie shows are popular, they are an avatar for modern Western society.
2017-11-14 13:34:54