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User Info Is There Moore?; entered at 2017-11-14 13:15:54
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Registered: 2012-09-03
My observations:

1. The timing of this new accusation couldn't be more calculated; it is meant to disrupt efforts to understand and assess the credibility of the original report.

2. Looking at the yearbook signature, the last name and everything below it appears to be of a piece, in terms of alignment, size, and angle; the note above the signature and the first name seem to me to be a little off in comparison, suggesting that part was written at a different time. In addition, some sources claim to have a full-color image showing that everything after the first name was written with a different pen. I have seen the images, but cannot verify that they are undoctored.

3. The 'mall-prowler' story is the least credible, in my opinion; a traumatized woman might only choose to tell her story now, in the current environment, but a widely-known salacious rumor remaining undiscovered by so many successive political campaigns is awfully hard to believe.
2017-11-14 13:15:54