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User Info Is There Moore?; entered at 2017-11-14 10:42:26
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Yep. Now why is she carrying it around in December of the following year?

I had all of them. None ever left my house after the year in which they were issued; they traveled around with me last few days of class and got signed, but that was it.

My money is on the "signature" being forged, simply because I cannot FATHOM being assaulted (sexually or otherwise) by a person who signed my yearbook and keeping the ****ing thing around unaltered for FORTY YEARS, nor would I allow someone who assaulted me to sign it if they assaulted me FIRST.

The story is smiley

I don't know exactly how it's bull****, but I'm very sure it's bull****.
2017-11-14 10:42:26