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User Info So, 70% Of Farms Are Committing Crimes; entered at 2017-11-14 10:14:42
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Registered: 2017-06-27 New York City
we can add to the list practically 100% of suburban landscapers and 3/4 of restaurants and catering halls for the past thirty years. you can add a good percentage of autobody repair shops and general contractors. from my direct observation, many a direct cash pay situations. the savings for the employer in terms of unemployment and workman's compensation insurance are real. many employers have one or a few "legit" employees to avoid scrutiny of the state audits for said insurance. whoever is hurt is considered on the policy.

the fallout effect is that in many cases the employer solicits cash payments for services to have it at the ready for payroll. this becomes a source of undeclared income, a double theft from the system.

in my community in NYC these are the standard business practices. this is not done out of desperation for the majority, but to maximize profit. when you look at the magnitude of each businesses level of fraud, the numbers over the years would astound. many would not have the lifestyles and assets that they have if they played by the rules. if there was ever a crackdown and auditing, they would be ruined by the fines, penalties and interest along with the amounts due to the agencies.
2017-11-14 10:14:42