Is There Moore?
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2017-11-14 08:53 by Karl Denninger
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Is There Moore?
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The worm turns....

Beverly Young Nelson, appearing with Gloria Allred, said that when she was 16 Moore groped her in a car, locked the doors, grabbed her neck in an attempt to force sexual contact and left her with bruises after she escaped. Her story will be subjected to scrutiny, but as a self-described Trump voter, Nelson has no apparent motivation to lie. She is the first accuser to say that Moore accosted her, and in fact says she feared he would******her.

Well, are we sure of that?  Gloria Allred has a long and well-documented axe to grind with anyone who isn't a Democrat.  Her very association with the story taints it.

I'm not convinced, but I don't get to vote in the special election.  I will say this, however -- there's a claim Moore signed this Beverly's High School Yearbook.  Does the yearbook still exist and has that been seen in public?  In other words, did he really do so?

That would make my eyebrows go up.  Oh, there are probably reasons for a 30ish year old adult man to sign a teen girl's high-school yearbook (including, may I remind you, her asking him as someone she thought was 'cute' or maybe even more) but that signed yearbook certainly would go to credibility, and it would be the first piece of documentary evidence to back up the story.

Or would it?

Let's assume she's got the yearbook (it has shown up) and Moore really is a creep and committed sexual assault behind her place of employment.  So she's got in her possession a yearbook that would make her cry every time she pulls it out for the last 40 years?  Hmmmm...

I'm not the brightest guy out here in newsland but I understand people and psychology fairly well.  Damn few people keep around and refer to things that cause them severe psychological pain to go back through unless they have to for some reason.

So tell me in the comments -- did the yearbook show up on the TeeVee with his signature?  Can we corroborate that Moore actually signed it and it hasn't been tampered with?  If so then someone ought to consider that one of two things has to be true:

1. Beverly had it signed after she was allegedly assaulted by the man who assaulted her.  In this case my bull**** detector goes off instantly and Beverly's credibility is immediately and permanently destroyed: The manifest weight of the evidence is that no assault occurred because nobody in their right mind would allow someone who tried to force oral sex upon them and left bruises on their body during the attempt to sign their yearbook.


2. Beverly kept a memento from a man who first signed the book and then, in reasonably close proximity time-wise, sexually assaulted her.  Yet throughout the intervening 40 years she never pulled out that yearbook in front of anyone for she would have been left teary-eyed and, of course, asked for an explanation. Oh, and she never defaced his signature either (like by writing "creep!" over the top of it)?

If I had been sexually assaulted and the person who did it had previously signed my yearbook I'd add an annotation or three to that page, and I might be inclined to do it at the gun range -- if I kept the book at all.  This, of course, assumes that I was assaulted after it was signed.  If that same someone assaulted me and then asked to sign my yearbook they would have wound up eating it -- because I would have rammed it up their ass far enough that they could taste it.

Of course there's always the possibility that the yearbook has been tampered with.  That's easily proved if so; a bit of forensics will get to the bottom of that immediately since it's easy to know whether the oxidation rate of the ink on the page is consistent through the signature -- and is 40 years old.  If not then the entire story collapses instantly since we then have proof of intentionally-false "evidence" and everyone involved in this must be prosecuted and sued, being asset-stripped to their underwear (such tampering would be legally-admissible proof of "bad faith".)

My jury is out, but IMHO it's not looking good for the Allred persecution, er, "prosecution" here....

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