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User Info Shut The Universities Down OR Shut Up About RACISM; entered at 2017-11-14 08:39:45
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Registered: 2009-08-24 Blueridge
It's OK to be white.

This rather innocuous statement has caused a lot of anxiety in people who disagree with it. Some places are stating that posting a piece of paper with this written on it is a hate crime.

So the logical take from that would be that those people are saying that it is most definitely NOT OK to be White. And if it;s not OK to be white, then what exactly do those people want?

It's a brilliant idea because it's waking up people who were otherwise ignoring the anti-white systemic racism that exists (Affirmative Action is the best example of state-sponsored racism).

Just like the kneeling football league showing many of its otherwise apolitical white fans that the players hate them, their heritage, their country, and their flag.

I encourage everyone to use the "It's OK to be White". It will show you right quick who hates you just for your skin color.

A final thought: a debate was being had elsewhere and someone said: American Muslim.

That's an oxymoron, since Americans believe in *(1) Separation of Church and State, (2) Freedom of Religion, (3) Freedom of Speech, and (4) that grown men should not have relations with females below the age of consent.

A quick check of the Koran has these answers:

1. The Church is the State
2. The penalty for apostasy is death.
3. The penalty for criticizing or drawing Mohammed is death.
4. 9 year old girls make suitable wives.

I could go on all day.

In my opinion we're ulimately going to have to take our country back if we want a future for our children that does not include minority status and deliberate state backed persecution.

Imagine your grandkids living like white people in South Africa or Rhodesia, err Zimbabwe.

I'd rather not.

They have to go back if we want a peaceful and prosperous future. And people like the Penn professor should have to go with them.

Freedom of association and a nation where it really is OK to be White is my dream.

Many SJWS, hispanics, blacks, and mohameddans are making it clear that they don't share that vision, and I find it hard to believe that we would ever be able to see eye to eye with them on what to our people are the most important parts of our American identity that I noted above.

Somebody that is not on-board with those four principles should not be able to call himself an American.

2017-11-14 08:39:45