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User Info So, 70% OF Farms Are Committing Crimes; entered at 2017-11-13 16:27:51
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Flaps 10 wrote..
The reason houses are so expensive is because of the look you see on the face of your "average american" when they find out a house doesn't have granite countertops, farm sink, exotic tile, fully wired, etc.

It would probably be considered child abuse to live in a 3BR, 1BA house at this point.

Regarding the topic of farm labor, I thought all this was common knowledge since at least the 80s. It has gone on with full consent of both parties in the government and the consumer.

Not all expensive housing are starter McMansions. The big price is due to moving to a "nice" neighborhood, which largely means getting away from the "diversity," even if it is living in a 1100sf, 2bd, mid-century home.

Migrant labor has been used for a long time, however, it is much more in the open in the past 30 years.

My dad (born 1947) worked agriculture manual labor when he was putting himself through college. He spent most of his life as a lawyer, but worked jobs that we are told by the Bush Clan "Americans won't do." The big thing to do back in the 60s and 70s was to drive up and yell, "IMMIGRATION!!!!!" (as a warning against INS coming), and the Mexicans would scatter to all points of the compass, whereas the citizens would keep on picking.

****, if you did that today, you would probably get stabbed in your sleep, and the Mexicans would look at the INS agents, accuse them of racism, profiling, and then sue them for denial of civil rights under color of law. INS has their jobs complicated by the fact that it is no longer a matter of looking at someone and determining that white/black = legal, Mexican = illegal, and be 90% correct in the generalization.
2017-11-13 16:27:51