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User Info So, 70% OF Farms Are Committing Crimes; entered at 2017-11-13 13:55:46
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But wait, but wait, but wait....

If you get rid of the migrant labor (illegals), we will all be paying $7 for a pint of strawberries!!!

(so goes the typical argument)

I'd gladly pay $7 for strawberries if I could save the money for:

uninsured motorist
new public schools
ESL programs
jail space
court costs
Press one for English
empuje numero dos por espanol
Democrat party taxes
Democrat party social programs
identity fraud
credit card fraud
urban blight
dumbed down schools
affirmative action
public disability costs (farmers putting their costs onto the taxpayer)

People say that houses would be more expensive, if not for illegals framing and roofing homes. Horse****. The reasons homes are expensive is because pre-1970 US citizens are fleeing their traditional residential areas and trying to cram into a smaller and smaller slice of "decent" neighborhoods to get away from the wonderful rainbow mosaic that is invading our country.

I'd pay an extra $5k to frame the house if I could save $100K on land-location costs.

They tell us that we wouldn't have an information technology sector, if not for the H1B migrants from India. They make it affordable.

Nope. Wrong again.

The amount of money those companies make is dwarfs the payroll. They only want the cheap labor and the way to make indentured servitude the way things run. It's a modern plantation scheme.

The cost? Santa Clara county (Silicon Valley) was all-White when my wife grew up there (she is 51). Today? It looks like a Southern Asia open market and bizaar. Additionally, if we go to war with an Asian nation, where are the spies in our tech field? Are these immigrants loyal to the US or their homelands? From the looks of California (45% of CA households don't speak English at home), they are loyal to the Old World. Certainly not all, but enough to create a catastrophic national security issue.

The fatal moment in our history was the 1964 election. That brought in the Congress that voted in the Hart-Celler Act in 1965.

We won't recover from it. We will be the Brazil of North America.
2017-11-13 13:55:46