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User Info Does Jeff Bezos Need To Go To Prison?; entered at 2017-11-11 12:20:29
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Regardless of whether Moore tried with a 14 year old, we have to judge his conduct in the context of the times.

COMPLETELY disagree.

The problem with these "charges" is that there is exactly ONE "actionable" (e.g. disqualifying, would be illegal even if beyond the statute of limitations, etc) charge -- that he "tried" with a 14 year old girl.

And let me be clear -- I don't give a **** when in contemporary society that was; if you're over 20 and are going after 14 year olds, you're a creep.

But the OTHER so-called "complaints" are not complaints at all! Those OTHER ones are claims that AS AN ADULT he asked out, with the permission of their parents, a handful of persons who were over the age of consent and the "most-inappropriate" thing he did with ANY of them was share a kiss.

Under ANY reasonable standard there is utterly NOTHING wrong with that. He was single at the time, he had no power relationship with said young person, said young person was of the age of consent and he asked for and received the blessing of their parents to court them, which he then did under entirely-appropriate circumstances (e.g. playing a guitar for them, spending time, etc) with the MOST EGREGIOUS charge being that the two of them shared a consensual kiss or three at some point during said time.

There's no allegation he SLEPT WITH (or tried to) any of those women despite them being legally able to consent to sleeping with him. There's no allegation that he "spirited them away" without the knowledge OR CONSENT of their parents, even when it wasn't required (e.g. said young woman was 18 or older.) He was unmarried so you can't tag him with "adultery" even in THOUGHT (since he never slept with any of them) say much less deed.

The ONE actionable charge is that ONE PERSON (who apparently has some history of not being exactly truthful with regard to men; I have some background data on that but haven't been able to confirm it yet and so I'm NOT going to report the particulars) says he did this when she was 14.

IF TRUE it's disqualifying. But the problem is that there's ZERO EVIDENCE not only that the allegation is true but that his intentions EVEN IF THE ALLEGATION IS TRUE were particularly prurient -- the OTHER young women don't even allege he tried to (say much less DID!) **** them.

I note that even if you're a prostitute you can still be sexually assaulted; that you do something willingly sometimes doesn't mean you did it willingly THAT time. But in THIS case there's exactly ONE allegation of dubious credibility which isn't corroborated by the alleged "other accusers"; if anything it is REFUTED!

So... no, we shouldn't DISMISS the allegation but right now it's an UNSUBSTANTIATED allegation with ZERO evidence to support it and a bunch of, according to the "media", co-accusers WHO ACTUALLY BACK UP MOORE'S INNOCENCE RATHER THAN SUGGEST HIS GUILT.
2017-11-11 12:20:29