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User Info The Position All Thinking Americans Are FORCED To Adopt; entered at 2017-11-10 11:28:45
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We have run into problems in the NE selling our non-lethal pepper guns. I had two separate customers arrested in New Jersey for carrying our pepper guns. This state ignores federal law on the product and because it looks like a gun, they call it a gun.
The whole adage that it's the cops that should be armed is total BS. The entire Northeast has been swamped with drug crimes and the people need to protect themselves. The pricks that run government think they are gods and can do whatever they want to the masses.
It's not just the ability to carry a weapon, but what municipalities are doing in regards to taxes and fees. The residential and commercial permit fees have exploded in recent years to cover for lack of sales tax revenue and it has made it insanely expensive to build here. Government has raised the cost of living for everyone and then they have the audacity to tell us who and who can't have a weapon. We are on the edge of what started the 1776 revolution in this country. Watching these idiots and their tax reform is a complete joke. The real winners are the corporate big shots and their shareholders.
2017-11-10 11:28:45